Monday, September 12, 2011


My sister's 30th birthday is coming up and I always try to one up myself on her birthday cakes. It's the time of year when I am most inspired flavour-wise. I love autumn colors and flavours, warm caramels, spices, apples, and pumpkins. 
Last year I made a pumpkin cake with cinnamon custard and chai spiced frosting...
I'm not sure how to one up myself this year, especially because I'm taking a year off sweets (which is the worst punishment for a pastry chef and I'm not one hundred percent sure why I agreed to it) so I am looking for inspiration for her cake considering it's a landmark year. 
om nom nom
I will keep you posted on what I decide, I guess I'll get some advice from my sister as well...


  1. I can't believe you announced to the entire world that i am going to be 30...
    but how about these to make up for it

  2. Well considering that this blog reaches approx 5 people I think you're safe.