Thursday, October 13, 2011


Thanksgiving is one of my favourite times of the year, a close second to "real" thanksgiving which is obviously American thanksgiving... No, I am not American but who says you can't have two thanksgiving's a year? 

Anyways, this year I am off sweets and breads which is easier said than done, but I really try to make things that I can have and make them really good so I don't miss having things like pie... oh how I miss pie.
So I experimented with a pumpkin pudding with no crust, which is key. I can have maple syrup as a sweetener so I just substituted the sugar for maple syrup, cream instead of milk, egg, and spices, oh and of course pumpkin, the star of the show.

And voila! I topped it off with maple whipped cream and ate it all up. It was super yummy and I didn't miss pie at all. Well maybe a little... but definitely a perfect solution to a no carb situation.   

If you liked that see what I'll do for "real" Thanksgiving...

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