Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm back I guess?

There have been so many topics I’ve been wanting to blog about but I haven’t been finding the time at all. When I’m stressed I bake not blog and so let’s just say I’ve been having a heavy baking time and an extremely light blogging time.

I quit my job of over 2 years to be a nanny in the summer and it’s definitely an interesting change. After a month of eye-twitching stress (literally… I had a 4 week long eye-twitch) I made the decision to make the switch and I feel very stress free now so I think it’s time to get back to the blogging. I’ve got lots to share with you so let’s do it!

Starting out with my favorite thing, Market Collective!

This is my new table location and I love the corner! Kate and I got to spend some quality time with our neighbour vendor, the lovely Rebecca King

While I love doing the markets, this May edition of MC is going to be the last one I do for a bit (maybe just a month because I’m probably going to get the itch to do it) but I am taking June off due to a wedding and perhaps July.
I absolutely love being a part of this community and fear being forgotten but I need some time to re-group. Kate and I have been doing them straight since December and have been loving every minute of it, but it’s time to make some summer time plans.
This time around was possibly the best lineup of baked-goods I’ve had, let me tell you why…

Allow me to introduce you to Maple Stout Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Candied Bacon

I’ve never liked one of my own flavors more than this one. Something about the stout and the bacon combined with the sweet maple, I know this combination is super hot right now, but why not join the trend I guess.

Another thing that I’ve started doing is scones, I absolutely love scones but everywhere you go they are dry and give you dry mouth. Not desirable. I’d like to pave the way for the moist scone, that leave your mouth wanting more instead of wanting water.

I also put my muffin top pan to good use and made chocolate caramel whoopee pies. Enough said.

Another great thing is that I sold more cake stands this time around than ever before and I think word is definitely getting out there so thank you for that Calgs, I couldn’t have asked for a better Market Collective send off.
During this next month I am getting my etsy shop set up to sell the stands and packaged baking so fingers crossed for that!

I hope you don’t miss me too much and I am always available for private orders if you get an intense craving. 
Until next time!!

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