Thursday, December 15, 2011

Real Thanksgiving... American style

So I know that US Thanksgiving was 3 weeks ago, but I am a little slow getting these posts up (I am making a mental note to not let it go past one week of whatever event I am doing... good luck to myself)
Anyways - moving on - I told you on regular Thanksgiving that I consider American Thanksgiving to be 'real' Thanksgiving and I totally stand by that. NFL on all day long, 2 out of 3 of my teams won so not a bad day there... I shake my fist at you Aaron Rodgers...
Cooking all day long with my Dad is the best part, we really take it upon ourselves to make this Thanksgiving a little different than usual ones, this year our big deal was 2 Turkeys! Yeah I just said that. 
We did 2 -19 pound turkeys to get more dark meat and it's faster than one 25 pounder.

The best part, obviously, for me was the dessert. I try to be a little different and think outside the box from the traditional pie, but I still like to stick to pumpkin. It is my favorite fall flavor and I love making different things with it. Last year I made a pumpkin spiced trifle with cinnamon pastry cream and spiced whipped cream, oh memories.

So this year I made a personal sized pumpkin tart, bruleed on top with a whipped maple creme fraiche. Yummers!

Bruleed Pumpkin Tart with Whipped Maple Creme Fraiche
The picture is a little fuzzy, and it's the only one I have from the whole night, I started on the Prosecco a little early that day...

This year some of our very special guests couldn't make it and they were dearly missed, so we felt that we really had to do a good job in their honor and I think we accomplished that. 
Here's to next year!

This  post was very wordy...

Stay tuned for some Market Collective times.

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