Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at Market Collective

Soooooo..... it has come to my attention that I suck at blogging? I guess it's not a question, it is a fact. I know that you're thinking that I'm way too hard on myself, and maybe I'm not terrible at blogging, just very slow. 
I mean, this post was supposed to be up 3 weeks ago and I'm just getting around to it now, so I've decided to make my New Years resolution to blog faster. Be on the blogging ball.

So here we go!

Back in December I had a table at a little thing called Market Collective, which showcases and celebrates local artists, musicians, and artisans. I had done one in the past and loved doing it but due to work scheduling I could not commit to it. But now I have made it my goal to be involved in as many as I can.

For my first time back I shared a table with my lovely sister Kate, of Uh Oh My Deer and here's a peek at what it looked like

A little squishy with all of our awesome stuff filling it, but I think it turned out amazing.

I am so thankful for everyone that supported me, and for Market Collective for letting people like us have outlets to sell what we so lovingly make.

Happy New Year!

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