Thursday, January 17, 2013

one wedding to rule them all

So I’m not going to mention the fact that its been over 5 months since the last time I blogged. I’ve decided that instead of talking about the fact that I should blog more and how sorry I am for leaving none of you hanging (let’s face it) and just accept the fact that I am a monthly (at best) blogger. I think I’m ok with this. And it means that if I blog more than that then I am exceeding everyone’s expectations. Win win.

This past October my lovely sister Jenny got married to her best friend Jon. They have a beautiful love and I thought it would make the most sense to start my 2013 blog posts off with this beauty.
I’d say it’s mainly because the cake I made for this wedding far exceeds any other cake I’ve done so I really just want to show it off.

My sister told me to do whatever I wanted – the cake I’ve always wanted to make. So I decided to challenge myself and hoped to really wow people. My entire extended family was coming in from Manitoba and the reception was at the amazingly beautiful Alloy – so the pressure was on.

Bring it.

My inspiration:

Maggie Austin makes absolutely beautiful cakes, I saw this picture and fell a little bit in love. I decided to do my own take on this

So after 2 seasons of One Tree Hill here’s what I whipped up
(all photographs courtesy of Mathieu Young and Jason Haughey)

Ladies and gents, the Cake:

This is my favorite cake to date. I urge someone else to dare me to make whatever I want so I can have as much fun and challenge myself as much as I did with this lovely. 

Since we're on the subject might as well show a couple more pictures of the magnificent couple and the wedding

I made the favours as well: Vanilla Bean and
Black Sesame and Salted Caramel Macarons (not a pain in my ass at all) 
The wedding party - I look like a fool as per usual


 So there you have it. I feel immense anxiety when I think of the fact that my wedding (whenever that will be) will have to follow this one

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  1. what a beautiful wedding..Congratulations to the couple. The cake is a masterpiece., Well done!
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