Friday, November 22, 2013

Pretty Sweet Christmas Menu!

As some of you know this year I am sadly not participating in Market Collective. It saddens me a lot but I am swamped with Christmas orders and it's the middle of November so the decision had to be made.
That being said, I didn't want to deprive anyone from enjoying my goodies this Christmas so I made up a very simple Christmas menu that requires no minimum order. I will be doing deliveries once a weekend up until December 21st.  (ordering details below)

Here she is!

To order:
Send me an email at or call me at 403-554-8425
Let me know what you would like to order, when and where you would like it and things will take off from there. Super easy!
- The last day to order is December 16th -

* I take cash or cheque made out to Vicki Manness, or email money transfers.

Have a great holiday season everyone!!

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