Monday, March 5, 2012

Double Post Day!

Ok so I desperately want to get this blog on the path that I had envisioned for it, so this is my attempt to do do.
I want to keep this blog very up to date on the things that I am working on, or experimenting on, so here goes!!

Here's what kept me busy this February, 
It's no secret that I have a weird love for cookies (which actually isn't weird at all because cookies are delicious) so I've been trying out different recipes variations, including...

Deep Dish-style S'more cookies!! Adore
I used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and pressed it into a muffin top pan, and topped it with marshmallows, chocolate bar, and graham crackers! I was supposed to make them for the upcoming March Market Collective  but I ended up eating 3 of them... or more, but I'll never tell.
I may or may not have toasted a marshmallow and made a s'more with the s'more cookies... 

I also made the all time favourite, Peanut Butter Cookies

My very special recipe compliments of the town of Domain, MB. Just the right amount of crispiness and chewiness.
If my future kids have a peanut butter allergy I will die. I love peanut butter SO much!!

I've also been dabbling in making sponge toffee, and I think with all of my practice, I may have perfected the art. I got the recipe for this here

It was also my bro-in law's birthday this month and he didn't want a fancy dinner, just to make brunch for all of us. I felt the need to still make something special for him and what better thing for a brunch than to make....

Birthday Cake Pancakes!
Can you even wrap your head around it? So I basically made cake batter, but a little thicker with not as much milk as I would normally add, and added some sprinkles, pure magic.
I topped the stack off with a vanilla custard sauce and some more sprinkles, because you can never have too many sprinkles on your birthday. 

If you are interested in making any of these things e-mail me for a recipe, or you can always order something from me as well.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, until next (not so far off) time.

Love , Vicki

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  1. Any chance you could share the peanut butter cookie recipe? They look fabulous and will be all that I can think about until I make them.