Monday, March 5, 2012

Ode To Market Collective

So because this was the Love Edition of Market Collective I thought I would take a minute to express my love for the market itself.

Market Collective is a community. A community of artists who are trying to make a business out of what they love to do. Instead of competing with other similar businesses, they accept and encourage every artist and business that are trying to make it, just like themselves.
There is so much creativity in the world right now and I appreciate the fact that we can come together as one and be accepted in this city.
I commend Calgary on having something so awesome, and I thank Market Collective for showcasing such a diverse group of artists, musicians, and artisans such as myself and my amazing sister.

Anyways, now that I've expressed what's in my heart, here are a couple of photos of how my table looked for the St Valentine's Market.

My Table, and you can kind of see my other sister Jenny on the side there, she was such an amazing help!

So there she is folks, I am so blessed to be doing this, and I am blown away by the support that everyone around me has shown.
Thank you!

Oh one more things, my niece Emma made these little animals out of clay and it would be a crime not to share that with the world...


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