Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pot O Gold

Happy Market Collective everyone!
Another MC has come and gone and this weekend I was blown away, and here's why:

I have been trying to keep things fresh by continuously bringing in new ideas and recipes not knowing what will catch on and what will be dead in the water.

Last MC I had introduced my Red Velvet Cupcake in a jar and some people didn't know what to think, I really wanted it to work because 
#1: I love jars, and 
#2: I really loved the idea and the contrast of the deep red with the white of the cream cheese frosting.

So I made them again this time and yikes! They went over so well, people came just for them and I had a couple tweets about them! (how exciting!)
They will definitely have to be a staple from here on out!

Another thing that really excites me are my cake stands. I had thought about making them for an extremely long time and one night I made one and I was pretty much hooked from then.
I completely loved every single stand I made (I have a bit of an obsession with cake plates as it is) and wasn't sure I wanted to sell them at all because of my undying love for them but I decided to let them go. 
If I didn't I would have ended up on an episode of hoarders one day...

Pictures of most of them will soon be up but here are a couple from the ones that I took to the market this past weekend.

I was so overwhelmed by how they were received and continued interest in them, even Julie Van Rosendaal bought one and then later tweeted about it!! 
@dinnerwithjulie: My haul: sea salt caramel,
cupcake in a jar,brownies +
 a killer cake stand from @mrktcollective
Wowza. All I have to say is thank you Calgary, you blew me away.

Keep checking back for photos of my depleting inventory, as well as new ones that I am currently making.


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